My Unite 2014 Talk - The Hack Spectrum

At Unite 2014, I presented The Hack Spectrum: Tips, Tricks, and Hacks for Unity. This talk was kind of inspired by all of the leftovers and cut material from my previous two Unite talks.

Each time I would put a presentation together, I would find myself cutting tons of good material that does not quite fit it. Either it takes too long, is difficult to explain, or just doesn't match the theme of the talk. I decided to pitch a Unite session that would be all about these odds and ends, that could jump from topic to topic as long as each one was a novel usage of Unity.

This features some of my favorite tips on working in the editor and working with Unity's serialization. It also includes some dirty hacks like reflecting source code to steal editor icons or call private functions.

The video of the talk is on YouTube
The slides are up on SlideShare


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